A major part of the ELAFLEX HIBY product range are own developments. Below we provide you with information about our manufacturing facilities - inhouse, and by our long standing production partners.

Nozzle components, hose and compensator assembling:

In our company headquarters, single components become systems - professionally assembled, tested and certified. Some examples:

  • production of petrol pump and fuelling/transfer hose assemblies
  • production of speciality hose assemblies such as ELAPHARM with beaded PTFE liner
  • production of ERV rubber expansion joints by joining bellows, flanges and accessories
  • production of vapour regulation valves for ZVA 2 GR
  • production of corrugated bronze pipes for suction lines of dispensers and sumps

Nozzles and accessories: ELAFLEX HIBY, Branch Plettenberg/Germany

Foundry and metalworking have a large tradition in the Sauerland region of Germany. History shows that only those who boldly invest are able to stay in the top international league. Our factory in Plettenberg is part of this category. In 2010 the production facilities in Plettenberg (founded 1913) and ELAFLEX Tankstellentechnik in Hamburg merged. With more than 160 permanent employees the Plettenberg factory manufactures all our nozzle types and related accessories such as safety breaks, as well as many other ELAFLEX products and components – e.g. for the MannTek and GasGuard product ranges.
ELAFLEX HIBY Plettenberg fully plays to its strengths. Complex products of aluminium, cast bronze and gunmetal are manufactured using the latest production technology and quality assurance processes. The plant is exemplary for its high level of vertical integration including mechanical processing and assembling in the one-piece-flow system, as well as for its large testing facilities. An efficient work and material flow process completes the performance capabilities.

Being part of the Plettenberg plant, the CASTING foundry also proves to be competitive.

In our modern sand casting foundry we produce complex aluminium, bronze and gunmetal products to your requirements. Additionally, in our gravity die casting foundry, we manufacture components of all current aluminium alloys.
Our customers come from the automotive industry, machinery and plant, electrical engineering, medical, installation and environmental industry sectors. The foundry and its integrated core moulding plant enables us to work extremely flexibly.
Together with our customers we develop efficient solutions. Based on the specific requirements of the aluminium segments, cast bronze and gunmetal we have a great wealth of experience, making us a very competent business partner, e.g. in regards to advice for material and component selection, or the creation of foundry optimised 3D drawings.
The fulfilment of customer requirements is a key issue for us. Consistent quality planning, audits, systems, products and systematic quality management lead to process optimisation.
On request we issue EN 10204-3.1 inspection certificates which reflect material analysis and / or mechanical / technological properties.

Petrol pump, fuelling and chemical hoses: ContiTech Fluid, Korbach / Germany

We share decades of reliable and trusting cooperation with Continental AG, among others regarding the production of hoses for petroleum based products and chemicals. The products are developed in partnership, manufactured by ContiTech exclusively for Elaflex and distributed by us as reels or complete and tested hose assemblies. The tried division of labour results in premium quality: High-Tech products offered at competitive prices based on total cost of ownership. ContiTech quality is assured by their many years of experience and competence in the rubber industry and by continuous investment and updating of plant and equipment, safeguarding high capacities and flexibility. We also highlight their large amount of available specialised rubber compounds adopted to each requirement. Our common policy is to use braided reinforcements as standard (in contrast to wound textile reinforcements these have major advantages), and ContiTech‘s modern and unique innovation manufacturing processes for the integration of media resistant plastic linings into flexible rubber hose construction.

Rubber Expansion Joints: ContiTech Airspring Systems, Hannover / Germany

Just like for hoses, the following is also valid for rubber expansion joints: if you compare new products just by an external look, there are very few discernable differences between low and high quality bellows. Details make the difference between cheap and premium quality.
The rubber bellows of our ERV expansion joints, co-developed with ELAFLEX, are manufactured exclusively by ContiTech. This is one of Conti‘s core competences of the Hannover plant in Northern Germany. Its technical lead to the competitors shows in many factors – e. g. a vast choice of specialised rubber compounds, modern and flexible manufacturing facilities, a stringent quality control over the entire production chain, continuous testing of material batches etc. - for the user, this will show in a superior lifetime. At ELAFLEX, the bellows are complemented with flanges and accessories, thus becoming ERV rubber expansion joints to customer requirement – tested and certified.

Dry Disconnect and Break-away Couplings: MannTek, Mariestad / Sweden

Safe, environmently friendly and cost-effective Dry Disconnect Couplings "Made by MannTek in Sweden" have become a quality reference. As part of the Elaflex group of companies, the Mariestad plant manufactures DDC, DAC, DGC and DCC-Trockenkupplungen, Break-away Couplings, swivels
¾“ up to 10“ and ball valves – for a clean and efficient loading and transfer of petroleum based products, chemicals, liquid gases and cryogenic media. The basis for the international success of MannTek products does not only lie in its wide product range of state of state-of-the-art couplings and long-term experience, but also in their efficient one-piece-flow production; based on the modular construction of MannTek products, this production system ensures short lead times.

Composite hose manufacture: DANTEC Limited, Wirral / Great Britain

Composite hose DN 25 – DN 250 mm are produced in our daughter company’s production facility in Moreton near Liverpool, England. Ranging in application from oil/petrol tank truck hoses, through to hoses for aggressive acids in tank terminal applications and hoses for liquefied gases for ship to shore use.

DANTEC hoses are manufactured to relevant standards and type approvals. All hoses are produced, assembled, tested and certified according to the appropriate market they are intended for. Dantec enjoy an enviable reputation as one of the most innovative, reliable and dependable amongst composite hose producers worldwide. DANTEC – world leaders in composite hose technology.

Composite hoses: ELAFLEX NV, Antwerp / Belgium

Our daughter company in Antwerp assembles and supplies our 'FWS' Type composite hoses, in sizes DN  25 up to 250 mm. Standard qualities are of PP und PTFE, many other types are available. The hose fittings of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and PP predominantly are manufactured in the factory of ELAFLEX NV. All completed hose assemblies are conform to standard and are pressure tested / tested for correct electrical continuity before being delivered.

GasGuard nozzles for LPG: ELAFLEX PACIFIC PTY LTD, Sydney / Australia

Also for the development and production of LPG nozzles, the right combination of experience and innovation capability is required. Our daughter company ELAFLEX Pacific PTY LTD meets these demands. Under the brand name 'GasGuard' it designs and manufactures quality nozzles for the refuelling with L.P. Gas. All activities, such as construction, assembling, 100% testing of all nozzles with LPG prior to despatch and distribution are effected from their Sydney plant. The product range of GasGuard nozzles for Autogas refuelling of vehicles and the filling of LPG tanks is being distributed internationally and enjoys an excellent reputation.

CNG valves, couplers and breakaways: OASIS ENGINEERING LTD, Tauranga / New Zealand

Regarding components for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and other technical gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, biogas) our daughter company Oasis Engineering Ltd has an unmatched reputation and experience. Particularly CNG industry leaders value the best-in-class gas flow characteristics Oasis products possess. Oasis develops, tests and manufactures components for compressing, storing, transferring and dispensing technical gases. Oasis serves the CNG vehicle filling industry and the CNG road trailer (virtual pipeline) industry. The product range includes ball valves, check valves, tank valves, actuated valves, breakaways, snap-on couplers, vehicle connectors, priority panels for trailers, stations or vehicles. The factory is unique in operating a compressor test bay to fully stress test product developments. All standard components are complemented by a customisation service which supplies bespoke manifolded valve/coupler solutions. Oasis products are internationally recognised for durability under harsh conditions. They have a much envied reputation for 100% delivery on time in full in spec.

Special compensators and marine refuelling equipment: REIFLEXA, Hamburg / Germany

Reiflexa - founded 1960 - is an experienced producer of compensator, hoses and fittings technology.
Since 2010, Elaflex is shareholder in this company which shows an exceptional competence i.e. in regards of components for the Marine (international naval forces). One speciality are the so-called High Pressure compensators, which are manufactured to the most rigorous military specifactions. They are installed on board of submarines and serve for the safety and noise reduction of media pipes.
Among other, Reiflexa also supplies custom made industrial compensators for the chemical industry, shipyards, pipe system and plant construction, power plants and manufacturers of motors, pumps and generators.

Couplings (threaded couplings, quick couplings, flanges): a part of the large Elaflex product range, such as

  • Hose fittings for Elaflex hoses with thread, coupling or flange connection
  • Spannfix and Spannloc safety clamps
  • Tank and pipe fittings, adapters, caps and plugs
  • Flanges for road tankers and for ERV rubber expansion joints

are manufactured by specialised suppliers to Elaflex Hiby specification. We take particular care to ensure the adherence to all relevant standards, our company specifications and quality requirements. With the major part of the mentioned suppliers we enjoy a close working relationship for decades. This ensures that our high requirements are met, e. g. in relation to manufacturing processes (such as solidly forged aluminium and brass parts for increased stability and lifetime) and in relation of machining / post processing precision (which is necessary for the dimensional accuracy and matching of our couplings).

Seals / plastic injection moulded parts:

Also for the production of plastic parts used in ELAFLEX products, adherence to internal standards, precision and reliability is key. Only long standing specialists  (mainly 'Made in Germany') manufacture components for our fittings and couplings, e. g. flat seals and O-Rings to our specifications. ELAFLEX take care that a refuelling equipment component is always part of a system, where all pieces must perfectly match – therefore we take care to supervise quality along the entire production value chain.



















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