Section 1: Petrol + Chemical Hoses

Fuelling Hoses without Helix "Yellow Band" for Petroleum based Products, Page 103‑104

  • Type HD (reel hose)
  • Type HD-RV (hose for flexible pipe joints)
  • Type XHD (fuel oil reel hose "Economy")

Reverse Side: Pressure Drop for ELAFLEX "HD" Hoses

Update: 02.2022

Tank Truck Hoses with Helix "Yellow Band" / How to look after ELAFLEX hoses, Page 105-106

  • Type TW (tank truck hose)
  • Type LTW (light weight tank truck hose)
  • Type XTW (tank truck hose "Economy")

Reverse Side: Hints on how to look after ELAFLEX hoses

Update: 02.2023

Stage 1b Vapour Recovery Hose, Type GPS, Page Info 8.06 (Revision 3.2015)

  • Type GPS

Flexible, lightweight road tanker hose for Stage 1B blanced vapour recovery.

Update: 03.2015

Lightweight Gravity Discharge Road Tanker Hose Type 'LG',
Page Information 5.16

Update: 03.2016

Aviation Refuelling Hoses 'Yellow Band' to EN 1361 (BS 3158), Page 107-108

Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

  • Type HD-C (into-plane/reel hose)
  • Type VHD (with three textile braids + thicker wall)
  • Type PHD (with polyamide helix)
  • Type TW-E (for tank trucks and connection between truck and trailer)
Update: 02.2021

Petrol Pump Hoses acc. EN 1360 / EN 13483 for gasoline and diesel, Page 111a-111c

  • Type Slimline (black or coloured),
  • Type Slimline "SL LT" Low Temperature (black or coloured)
  • Type Slimline "SL BIO" (Biodiesel)
  • Type LC-Mix (economy barrel pump hose)
  • Slimline 'SF' and Slimline 'SF LT'
  • Slimline AdBlue "SL 16 AdBlue"
Update: 10.2020

FLUORLINE universal dispenser hose acc. EN 12115, Page 113‑114

  • Type EFL, ultra flexible universal hose DN 16-21.

Used i.e. for barrel pumps, AdBlue urea solution, and as zero emission petrol pump hose.

Update: 01.2020

L.P. Gas Hoses "Orange Band" without Helix to EN 1762, Page 115‑116

  • Type LPG for Propane, Butane and other L. P. Gases.

Also suitable for many other gaseous media, i.e. gaseous natural gas.

Update: 02.2022

LPG 16 Hose for L.P.Gas Dispensers, Page 116

Highly flexible hose for Autogas, DN 16.

Type LPG 16

Type LPG 16 S

Update: 02.2022

Hoses for Chemicals and Solvents "Lilac Band", "Blue Band" acc. to EN 12115, Page 117‑118

  • Type CHD (prev. CH) without helix 
  • Type CHS (prev. CHW) with helix
  • Type LMD (prev. LM) without helix
  • Type LMS (prev. LMW) with helix.

Chemical resistance details see chemical resistance chart

Reverse Side: Chart do Determine the Hose Diameter

Update: 11.2018

Universal Tank Hoses UTD, UTS, UTL ("Blue-White-Blue") to EN 12115, Page 121a-121b

  • Type UTD
  • Type UTS
  • Type UTL

for almost all liquid and pastychemical and petroleum based products and solvens as well as for foodstuffs (FDA approved).

Update: 10.2023

Universal Tank Hose POLYPAL CLEAN acc. EN 12115, Page 121 c‑121 d

  • Types PCD without helix
  • Type PCS with helix

Cover EPDM light grey antistatic for clean factory floors, lining UPE with OHM conductive stripe, for almost all media - no discolouration.

Update: 09.2023

Special Hoses, Page 123

  • Type LBD / LBS ("White Band" foodstuff hose),
  • AMX (ammoniac hose),
  • KS (hot air compressor hose for silo bulk vehicles)
Update: 05.2020

ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose acc. EN 12115, Page 125‑126

  • Types FEP-D
  • Type FEP

for all standard chemicals up to 100° C.

Up to DN 50 with light grey cover and conductive spiral stripe; from DN 63 with black cover

Update: 10.2023

ELAFLON PTFE Universal Hose acc. EN 12115, Page 127‑128

  • Types PTFE-D (without helix)
  • Type PTFE (with helix)

For all commonly used media - up to max. 150°C (depending on medium) - OHM hose - FDA conform - easy self-assembly with standard couplings.

Update: 10.2023

'FLUORFLEX 2' PTFE/EPDM Universal helical hose, Page Info 2.08E

Update: 03.2008

ELAPHARM hose assemblies, Page Info 3.13E

for Biotech and pharmaceutical industry

Update: 02.2017

Marine Bunkering Hoses "Yellow Band", Page 129‑130

  • Type FHD (marine flat hose)
  • Type STW (marine tanker hose with helix)
Update: 12.2022

Marine Cargo Hose (Bunkering Hoses) "Yellow Band", with Built-In Nipples acc. EN1765, Page 131‑132

with Built-In Nipples

  • Type SBS (heavy standard type with steel helii, acc. EN 1765 category S15)
  • Type SBL (light weight, flat hose without helix acc. EN 1765 category L10)
Update: 01.2020

Hoses for Hot Bitumen, Hot Water and Steam, Page 135‑136

  • Type HB ("Brown Band" Hot Bitumen hose)
  • Type WPX (hot water hose)
  • Type SD (steam hose with steel braids for wet steam up to 18 bar/210°C) - New: marking with red "Pyropal" spiral
Update: 11.2023

Composite Hoses FWS, Page 181‑184

Complete hose assemblies with fittings

  • Type FWS PP St/St (Lining of Polypropylene, Inner helix Steel, galvanised)
  • Type FWS PP Al/St (Lining of Polypropylene, Inner helix Aluminium)
  • Type FWS PP (Lining of Polypropylene, Inner helix Steel, polypropylene covered)
  • Type FWS-PTFE (Lining PTFE, Inner helix Stainless steel)
  • Type FWS PA (Lining Polyamide, Inner helix Aluminium)
  • Type Type FWS VR (Lining Polypropylene, Polypropylene fabrics, Inner helix Steel, galvanised)
Update: 08.2019

POLYPAL PLUS Universal Hose, Page PAL 01-02

with UPE Lining acc. to EN 12115

Update: 11.2020

Universal Tank Hose POLYPAL CLEAN, Page PAL 03‑04

  • Universal Tank Hose acc. to EN 12115
  • Types PCD without helix
  • Type PCS with helix

Cover EPDM light grey antistatic for clean factory floors, lining UPE with OHM conductive stripe, for almost all media - no discolouration.

Update: 09.2023

ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose, Page PAL 05-06

with FEP lining acc. to EN 12115

Update: 03.2017

CHEMOPAL Chemical Hose, Page PAL 09‑10

acc. to EN 12115

Update: 03.2017

TECNOPAL Chemical Hose, Page PAL 11‑12

acc. EN 12115

Update: 03.2017

SOLVAPAL Solvent Hose, Page PAL 13‑14

  • acc. EN 12115
  • OHM conductive;
  • with special NBR blue lining
Update: 03.2017

BUTAPAL L.P. Gas Hose, Page PAL 15‑16

acc. EN 1762

Update: 08.2019

PYROPAL Steam Hose, Page PAL 17‑18

  • acc. DIN 2825 / EN ISO 6134
  • Type PYROPAL 164L
  • Type PYROPAL 230
Update: 08.2019

PAL Brochure - Edition 2016

PAL High Quality Hoses for the chemical industry. The PAL range of hoses, manufactured by CONTITECH.

European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU for Hose Assemblies, Page 197‑198

Which ELAFLEX hose assemblies fall under the PED?

Update: 08.2018

 Catalogue Pages by Category

Refuelling Hoses

  • Fuelling Hoses without Helix for Petroleum based Products
  • Tank Truck Hoses with Helix
  • Vapour Recovery Hose GPS
  • Lightweight Gravity Discharge Road Tanker Hose Type 'LG'
  • Aviation Refuelling Hoses
  • Marine Bunkering and Cargo Hoses
  • Marine Cargo Hoses
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive for Hose Assemblies

Dispenser Hoses

  • Petrol Pump Hoses
  • FLUORLINE Universal Pump Hose EFL
  • LPG 16 Hose for L.P.Gas Dispensers

Speciality Hoses

  • L.P. Gas Hoses without Helix
  • Special Hoses
  • Hot Bitumen Hoses, Hot Water and Steam Hoses

Chemical, Pharma and Universal Hoses

  • Hoses for Chemicals and Solvents
  • Universal Tank Hoses UTD, UTS, UTL
  • Universal Tank Hose POLYPAL CLEAN
  • ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose
  • ELAFLON PTFE Universal Hose
  • 'FLUORFLEX 2' PTFE/EPDM Universal helical hose
  • ELAPHARM hose assemblies
  • Composite Hoses FWS

PAL - Chemical Hoses

  • POLYPAL PLUS Universal Hose_PAL 01
  • POLYPAL CLEAN Universal Tank Hose_PAL 03
  • ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose_PAL 05
  • CHEMOPAL Chemical Hose_PAL 09
  • TECNOPAL Chemical Hose_PAL 11
  • SOLVAPAL Solvent Hose_PAL 13
  • BUTAPAL L.P. Gas Hose_PAL 15
  • PYROPAL Steam Hose_PAL 17
  • PAL Brochure - Edition 2016

Safety in your hand.

With hoses from ELAFLEX HIBY you simply make the right choice. As they are used for dangerous goods we acknowledge responsibility for our products. You only get Premium Quality from ContiTech Germany, exclusively made for ELAFLEX HIBY. You will NOT get internationally sourced no-name hoses branded as own products.

Our large hose stock, comprising of all commonly used types from the catalogue, is available in sizes DN 9 mm up to DN 200 mm, for petroleum based products, L.P. Gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs.

This stock allows us to keep delivery times to a minimum.

Our Service: The Complete Hose Assembly.

There are three prerequisites for a perfect hose assembly: suitability and quality of the components, their compatibility with each other and professional assembling.

For decades, this is our ‚core competence‘. We ensure that our customers receive a suitable combination of hose and coupling – not only for self-assembling but also as ready-to-use hose assembly.

After consultation, or to your specification, we take care of the rest. Hose cut to length, assembling of hose tail and clamps, mounting accessories, testing (electrical conductivity and pressure test if applicable), additional marking, quality control and issuing of test certificates. ELAFLEX HIBY is certified to issue conformity declarations according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Prior to dispatch the hose assembly is marked according to standard specification, and finally quality checked.

Accessories : for the protection against kinking, abrasion, torsion and heat we can supply a range of additional parts which will help to prolong the service life of your hose assembly. Also for the additional marking to customer‘s requirement there are possibilities, e.g. with Band-It. If required, we will also gladly take over the assembly of parts supplied by the client.

Distribution to the user normally is effected by our stock holding Sales Partners. These local links to the customer assemble complete hose lines-functional and finely tuned to your needs. Apart from fast and professional service some ELAFLEX HIBY Sales Partners offer mobile pressure tests or assembly on site.

Please take advantage of the experience of our sales team. Alternatively, for an easy and quick choice: use our new Hose Assembly Configurator!