New GasGuard Brochure

Improved technical documentation for our ‘GasGuard’ product range. The 'GG' nozzles demonstrate a light, easy to use and robust construction with many additional features:

  • 'GG1' ACME series is used for refueling of commercial and passenger cars
  • 'GG20' ACME series are designed to reach into, and connect to, deep set fill points
  • 'GG30' BAYONET series has a new nose piece which reduces the released gas upon valve closure by 23 %
  • ZVG 2 UL is a push-on coupling which allows an easy one-handed operation

Further details, please see GasGuard Brochure

From the original concept to today’s production, the 'GasGuard' dispensing nozzles and accessories continue to provide the LPGas industry with durable and safe refueling equipment.