Autogas Nozzle Boot now Lockable

It is common practice for many Autogas refuelling stations to cease trading overnight at which time the site is unattended. At these times it is possible for theft and misuse of unrestrained equipment to occur. For this reason, we have designed the NB-GGL and NB-ZVGL, a lockable version of the nozzle boot. This allows piece of mind knowing that your LPGas hanging hardware is stored and locked in place.

For the easy and neat stowage of your GasGuard or ZVG2 Autogas nozzles, the NB-GGL or NB-ZVGL Nozzle Boot (Holster) is cost effective and professional solution. The design is suitable for public refuelling stations, industrial cabinet modules and custom built dispensers on remote sites.
The lockable nozzle boot retains all functionality with dispensers utilising reed switch pump activation. The ringlets on the holster are suitable for padlocks to a maximum lock thickness of ½” or 13mm (padlock not included.