Elaflex has been providing refueling equipment for Autogas dispensers for thirty years. The long term experience gained in these markets has enabled us to develop the ZVG 2 nozzle range, utilizing a modular construction for different coupling types.

The most advanced system is the EURO 'push-on' ...connection to European Standard EN 13760, UN R 67 and ISO ISO 19825. Compared to common threaded couplings, EURO connectors incorporate a variety of advantages, such as easy one-handed operation, enhanced safety features and very low gas release upon uncoupling.

After successful introduction of the ZVG 2 EURO to Europe in 2009, Elaflex recently gained the UL certification. This special type for the North American market is called ZVG 2 EURO UL according to UL 125 and UL 567.

See also GasGuard_Information_1.18 and the Installation and Operation Manual.