New available: ZVG 2 K - Push-On Coupling

Elaflex Pacific has extended its Autogas nozzle range with the inclusion of the new ZVG 2 K nozzle, suitable for passenger and heavy duty vehicle refueling in markets utilising the 'J15' fill point receptacle.

ZVG 2 K is a unique nozzle, targeted at the Korea and Japanese markets. Its classified as a single hand operation, self-serve nozzle according to the ISO 19825:2017 standard.

The pistol grip design allows users to fill up applicable LPGas powered vehicles in a similar fashion to a standard petrol/diesel nozzle.

The nozzle design is safer than other coupling systems currently used in the market as it brings the user’s hands away from the fill point receptacle, and subsequently away from the path of gas escaping experienced when disconnecting the nozzle.

All of the features and characteristics of the ZVG 2 K nozzle can be found in the latest version of the GasGuard nozzle brochure.