UL Certified Hose Assemblies for LPGas

Following the successful acceptance of our 'LPG' hose type in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Elaflex Pacific is pleased to now have the hose UL and CSA approved for use in the North American propane market.

The 'LPG UL' hose assemblies have passed all of the UL 21 and CSA 8.1 testing requirements. Hose sizes from the 1/2" bottle refilling hose up to the 2" terminal/plant loading and unloading hose are now available as certified assemblies from Elaflex Pacific in Sydney. Each hose is stamped with our specific UL number and the hose itself is marked as specified by UL and CSA.

Hose assemblies are available with non-reusable Spannfix and ferrule style fittings and are pressure tested and certified to meet the demanding conditions seen across the North American continent.

For any information or inquiries, please contact us at info@elaflex.com.au.