Release of MannTek Cryogenic Couplings

Since January 2015 MannTek Dry Cryogenic Couplings (DGC) and breakaways (CBC) for LNG transfer have been available from us.
ELAFLEX PACIFIC have since provided a handful of MannTek DGC's to various energy and logistics companies within Australia and surrounding countries in a strong move which demonstrated the safety and reliability of the well known MannTek brand in the area on LNG.

The Dry Cryogenic Coupling (LNG coupling) consist of a "tank" unit wich is a type of a non-return valve and a "hose" unit with a valve driven by an internal cam curve to open both valves at the same time. Operation is a single action using a straight forward turning motion to connect the couplings and open flow path. An initial push and turn action on the hose unit provides engagement with the tank unit, thus locking and sealing the two units together. Further rotation opening the internal valves, thereby allowing full flow with a minimum of pressure drop.

A selectivity (code) system allows the system to be used to a wide range of cryogenic liquefied gases without any risk of failure owing to "human error".

See also MannTek Brochure Cryogenic Couplings.