Upgrade of the GG30 Nozzle

Market research and customer feedback has led to the improvement of the GG30S refueling nozzle for Bayonet connection systems. The goal was to make refueling easier and the customer experience more enjoyable whilst maintaining a high degree of safety. The following modifications and additions can now be seen on the GG30 nozzle:

  • New Nose assembly to reduce dead space volume by 23%
  • Improved Bayonet Insert for easier connection and removal of nozzle from fill point
  • Red anodized Lever to Latch to highlight latching function
  • Stickers to assist used in operation
  • Magnet in nozzle body for dispenser utilising reed switch pump activation technology
  • Splashguard to protect the customer’s hands against gas release on valve shutdown

See also GG Information 3.15.